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Jane Nyanjau

“My name is Jane Nyanjau. My age is 89 years now, my husband died long time ago. I was then disinherited. I am aJaneN beneficiary of Karika group. I got to know this group through a friend of mine who came to visit me in my house. She got me without food to eat and I had no tea to give her. As I was explaining her of my situation, she asked me if I know of a group that gives food to the older people at the chief’s camp. I said no then she directed me to go and find it myself. I joined the group in the year 2003 and I have benefited very much like the clothes that am wearing I got from the group. I have got blankets, food and when I fall sick they take me to the hospital.

Flora Wakarima

FloraW“My name is Flora Wakarima. I am 80 years old. I joined Karika in 2003. I have benefited a lot with clothes, food, spiritually and morally. In the group I do weaving and knitting. My husband passed away long time ago, we had three children. Later my two children got addicted by drugs and now they are on the streets.  My only daughter got married and later her husband passed away as a result of HIV/AIDS, leaving her with 6 children. I’m living in a rental house with a backlog of arrears for 8 months. Although the group has helped me to reduce the arrears it still accumulates.